Welcome to ABCklatring (ABCclimbing)

Welcome to ABCklatring (ABCclimbing), ABCklatring is offering everything in wood- and wallclimbing. We offer experiences, adventures, games, basic safety- and instructor courses, team building and corporate events. Some of the things ABCklatring are offering is:

  • Aerial ropeway
  • Superswing
  • Abseil – Rapelling
  • Teambuilding
  • Picnic in the treetop
  • Night accommodations in the treetops
  • Climbing on climbingpole
  • Climbing on rope
  • Climbing in trees
  • Climbing on climbingwall

ABCklatring adapts the specific event to your wishes, needs and your level of climbingskills. Our instructors are trained by Dansk Klatresamråd (Danish Climbingagreements) standards and the instructor training is approved by Dansk Træklatreforening (Danish Treeclimbing Association) and Dansk Klatreforbund (Danish Climbing Federation). At ABCklatring we have experiences with climbing activities for children, teenagers and adults; 6 – 50+ years. Anyone can climb and we will make it possible.

ABCklatring puts safety first. It is therefore obvious that it is not allowed or accepted to drink alcohol immediately before and during our events.  Our instructors can all communicate in english and therefore ABCklatring can offer to arrange all activities and courses in english. Exams for instructor courses will be conducted in danish due to the rules from Dansk Klatresamråd (Danish Climbingagreements).

Take a look around our site, get inspired and contact us so that we can help you organize your event.